Bachata Praktika

Kom och träna Bachata på Linköping Dansstudio.

Pris: 40 kr
Ingen föranmälan behövs, det är drop-in som gäller.
Viktigt -stanna hemma vid minsta sjukdomssymptom!
VI kommer att räkna antal deltagare, så att det inte överstiger 50 personer totalt.
Handsprit finns i lokalen.

Come and practice your Bachata skills at Linköpings Dansstudio (Snickaregatan 9, Linköping).
This event is drop-in. But – we will count all participants, to make sure that we are less then 50 people in total.
Important – stay at home if you don’t feel well, even the sligtest symptoms counts! Head ache, sore throat, running nose, fever, diarrhea could be the covid-19 signs.

It is an open practice session for everybody, we provide a room with a good dance floor, mirrors, music and the rest is up to you!

Regardless if you want to practice as a couple, with multiple partners or by yourself you can do it here. You do not need to have a dance partner to come together with to this practice. On the other hand – there is no any obligation or organised way to switch partners, it is up to the attending dancers at each session.
Hand sanitizer is available in the studio.

Price – 40 SEK

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dec 03 2020


18:00 - 19:30


Linköpings Dansstudio
Snickaregatan 9
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