september, 2020

fre11sep(sep 11)16:00sön13(sep 13)17:00Yin Yoga Nidra Teacher Training16:00 - 17:00 (13) Yoga Kendra, Friisgatan 6C



Yin Yoga Nidra 20 hrs training · Yoga Kendra 2020
Fri 11 september from 16-20
Sat 12 september from 9-17
Sun 13 september from 9-17

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What is yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep and is a guided meditation technique that promotes deep relaxation and offers tools for transformation. It dates back thousands of years and became known outside of India in the twentieth century. Today yoga nidra is becoming more and more popular as people discover the multiple benefits of this trasnformational practice.

Yoga nidra accelerates deep healing and calmness on every level. This happens because during a yoga nidra session your body’s equilibrium is reestablished, supporting its natural tendency to be in a state of homeostasis (having a stable internal environment). Studies show that 30 minutes of yoga nidra produces the same benefits as three to four hours of sleep! Yoga nidra is also a highly effective method for reducing stress. In the USA yoga nidra has been used successfully to treat soldiers with PTSD.

During this Yin Yoga Nidra training you will learn a combination of theory and practice: the history of yoga nidra, the different layers of yoga nidra, including sankalpa, body scan and visualizations.

Anne Goncalves has created this form of yoga nidra called Yin Yoga Nidra where we work with cultivating yin qualities – to be receptive, open, allowing and yielding in to all the experiences of life, thereby gaining self-love, knowledge and insight.

Who is this course for:

This course is for yoga and meditation teachers and others who want to learn the art of
of guiding deep relaxation through yoga nidra. The course is also open to practitioners wanting to learn more and go deeper in their own practise.

About Anne Goncalves:
Anne Goncalves is a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is the author of a book in Danish called Yoga mod stress (’Yoga for stress relief’) as well as a popular app with guided yoga nidra meditations in Danish. Anne has been practising and teaching yoga nidra for over 8 years and has trained with different yoga nidra liniages.

Anne offers teacher trainings, workshops and retreats around Denmark and internationally. Her classes, workshops and retreats focus on guiding you towards finding your sacred space within and connecting with your inner stillness and guidance. She is known and loved for her calm voice and presenc


11 (Fredag) 16:00 - 13 (Söndag) 17:00


Yoga Kendra

Friisgatan 6C

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