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sön22maj19:0022:00Supersuckers - Nytt datum!19:00 - 22:00 Folk å Rock (Official), Lilla Torg



Powertrion SUPERSUCKERS gör sin egensinniga mix av Kaliforniens cowpunk och svettig klubbrock som en gång Lemmy och hans pågar (Olle Berggren).

Supersuckers återvänder till FOLK Å ROCK !
Öppnar 19, På scen 20. Entré 200kr. Förköp online via Fysiska biljetter hos Folk å Rock, Musik & Konst och Skivesset. Rockklubb, bar & restaurang.

”The greatest American underground rock band of the last 25 years.” – Classic Rock Magazine

”If you don’t like the Supersuckers, you don’t like Rock-N-Roll.”
– Lemmy

”They played my birthday party. They rock!”
– Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam

– New album Play That Rock N’ Roll out on 07 February 2020 –
– Massive European Tour for spring confirmed –

“Ain’t gonna stop until I stop it, ain’t gonna let it go until I drop it,“ growls Eddie Spaghetti on the first track off the Supersuckers 13th studio album Play That Rock´n`Roll. Tracked over the course of four sweltering days at Willie Nelson’s Austin, TX studio, Play That Rock´n`Roll rocks with an amphetamine intensity, delivering muscular riffs, big choruses and more than a few tricks up its sleeve.

Songs like ‘Bringing It Back’ and ‘Last Time Again’ deliver a Ramones-like wall of sound, courtesy of guitarist Metal Marty Chandler, while ‘You Ain’t The Boss Of Me’ recalls Dirty Deeds-era AC/DC – and never one to be taken too seriously, Eddie and company make sure to keep the Supersuckers tongue firmly planted in cheek with ‘That’s a Thing?’ and ‘Gettin’ Into Each Other’s Pants’. The album also includes a rousing cover of Michael Monroe’s ‘Dead, Jail Or Rock´n`Roll’ and a long overdue revival of the Allen Toussaint penned ‘A Certain Girl’.

They still deliver the goods, or in the words of Eddie Spaghetti himself – “The Supersuckers have been doing this for a long time. A LONG time. And the fact that we’re still doing it is not lost on us. We still love Rock´n`Roll. I mean, we must. There’s no other explanation for why we would still be putting out fresh, new rock music anymore. No one NEEDS it. Hell, hardly anybody even WANTS it. But here it is. Another master class in quality Rock´n`Roll. Sure it’s for the few, the proud, the People of Impeccable Taste, the Connoisseurs Of Quality, but it makes us happy to know we still got it. And we do. We might be better than we’ve ever been and that’s exciting. So here it is, our love letter to good, ass kicking Rock´n`Roll. Turn it on, turn it up and listen to the Supersuckers play that Rock´n` Roll!!”



(Söndag) 19:00 - 22:00


Folk å Rock (Official)

Lilla Torg

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