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tis18maj20:0021:30Postponed!! : The Trouble with being Born Romanian20:00 - 21:30 Charles Dickens Bar & Scen


Unfortunately, due to the current measures we are not able to do the show tomorrow. I am currently in talks with the venue to reschedule the show for a later date in December or as soon as things calm down. The ticket holders will receive an email from me with a rescheduling or refund options.

Hope to see you all in the near future.

Do you like dark comedy? 👹 Do you want to be shocked and intellectually challenged at the same time? 🤡 Have you ever seen a Romanian comedian speak broken English? 🧛‍♂️

London-based Romanian comedian Victor Patrascan is coming to Helsingborg, with his irreverent and outrageous stand up comedy show. The show will be performed entirely in English.

Victor is bewildered by our society and questions whether it is better to be Romanian or Bulgarian, right or left or just a human person.

Come watch a subversive, heartfelt and dark comedy show. If you are someone who questions everything about life, religion, politics, death and love, this is the show for you!


Thursday, 29 October 2020 – doors 7:30 PM / show 8:00 PM
at Charles Dickens Bar & Scen, Södergatan 41, 252 25 Helsingborg, Sweden

🎟️ Tickets –

100 SEK• Early bird • available online till 25th of October
75 SEK • Group of 4+ • available online till 29th of October
120 SEK • available online till 29th of October
140 SEK • available at the door from 20:00 PM

The show will be held indoors and follow current social distancing guidelines. Therefore, we are only able to have a limited number of seating.

🙈 🙉 🙊 Victor Pãtrãşcan 🙈 🙉 🙊

Victor has told jokes in English in front of a crowd of people in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Sweitzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania.

For a second year in a row, Victor’s been ranked again at no.1 in Roast Battle London Premier League. In 2018, Victor won the coveted King Gong at both the Comedy Store London and Comedy Store Manchester.

📼 video of jokes I’ve told –

What’s the talk of the town regarding Victor’s comedic prowess? The following statements were said by other comedians:

“hilarious questions, confusing jokes” Tom Ward
“in my top 2 favourite Romanian comics” Ric Wharton
“a delightful burp of art” Jack Brooks
“refreshing look at the world” Avril Poole
“one of the most original” LJ Da Funk
“shocking, surprising and sexy” Siân Doughty
“genuine and warm storyteller” Les Connely
“he’ll quit comedy next year, you should see him now” Radu Isac
“intelligently stupid stand up” Susie Steed
“often hilarious and always fearless” Matt Hutchinson
“I like his jokes most of the time” Luke Capaso
“charming and inventive” Michael Hill
“bizarrely fantastical ” Jake Pickford
“comedy that could get him an award, but not a shag” Natalie Allison
“honest and unique” Tommy Ettling
“sharp, clever and hugely talented” Pol Penter
“terrible person, funny comedian” Loose Brie
“the best kind of slightly uncomfortable” Angus Dunican
“witty dark perceptive brilliant” Ali Woods
“glides effortlessly from the surreal to the sublime” Mo Saffaf
“his photos are good” Huge Davies
“funny and unique observational comedian” Jim Grant
“hilarious Romanian comedian” Luke Poulton
“funny like a masculine flower opening up its world to us!” Aideen Mcqueen
“some of the best immigration material I’ve heard” Rebecca Shortall
“joyous to watch” Leslie Ewing-Burgesse
“very smart and funny jokes” Gatis Kandis
“brilliantly absurd foolishness” Daniel Baker
“bloody Romanians, coming over here” Konstantin Kisin
“Andy Kaufman-like obscurity” Sezar Alkassab
“best dick/ceiling jokes around” Saskia Preston
“you won’t be bored” John Meagher
“childlike grasp of the English accent” Patrick Mccabe
“deserves a quote from a comedian much better than me” Jack Barry
“induces unabashed belly laughter” Robbie Fox
“magnificent jokes, seamless trousers” Brandon Craig
“strange, but funny?” Pauline Eyre
“some would say twisted” Dave Black
“a very strange man” Andy Storey
“would trust him with kids” Faye Treacy
“’Bill Hicks meets Borat’ might be a bit presumptuous” Joe Grant
“super-unpredictable and very funny” David Lewis
“hilarious, inquisitive and intriguing comic brain” Joe Jacobs
“enjoyable acerbic outsider” Rick Kiesewetter
“one of the nice guys” Oh! Standfast
“the reason I voted leave” Calum Ross
“unique comic mind” Jake Baker
“like getting high with your best mate” David Mills
“great eye for comedy” James Loveridge
“probably funnier than that other Romanian comedian” Pete Bazely
“Not wiser than you think” David Gersch
“Has never offended me with his comedy! So I like him” Athena Kugblenu
“certainly some good bits” Ashley Haden
“is he still peculiar?” Steve McLean
“head scratching, nail biting, comedy chaos” Chris Timoney
“encapsulating inquisitive nature” Rob Copland
“thought-provoking rambling” Patrick Brusnahan
“like a philosopher with jokes” Kavi Appadoo
“haven’t the foggiest” Ian Lane
“pretty ‘woke’ and very dry” Harriet Braine
“like a log flume in a theatre” Declan Kennedy
“mind bending whimsy” Geoff Steel
“investigative, honest and very funny” Simon Stanley
“would pay to see him” Greg Simpson
“controversial sharp ruthless sweetheart” Chester Constable
“still a boy not yet a man” Lubo
“singular comedic voice” Chris Betts
“Unbelievable” Dangerous T
“surprising, utterly huggable” Sasha Ellen
“savvy” Mel Knight
“champion of the silly musing” Joseph Murphy
“puts the ‘king’ in ‘free thinking’” Jonathan Hearn
“very clever, likable and hilarious” Heidi Regan
“dark and funny” Matthew Winning
“was actually funny that one time” Matt Smith
“comedy’s Henri Leconte” Nathan Cassidy
“astute with such misleading charm” Rosie Holt
“unique voice” Don Biswas
“Victor’s got game” Jonny Gillam
“exciting and horrifying” Matt Duwell
“quite big balls” Dave Green
“insightful, deadpan and utterly charming” Sindhu Vee
“a hilarious staple of the London scene” Helen Bauer



(Tisdag) 20:00 - 21:30


Charles Dickens Bar & Scen

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